Urban Dictionary App Reviews

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Amazing app

I cant even believe its on app store now, i have been waiting for a long long time for this app actually.. Finally i got it. Its amazing actually and i will definately recommend to everyone, cuz its helps alot in learning new slangs and words.

Must have

Great app ! A favorites functionality will be appreciated.

That thing rocks !

Absolutely amazing, having gun just reading the definitions. Thank you very much, love it ! With love from France <3


You probably forgot to mention that there are some (very) racist definitions.

Great app

To those who complain about racist definitions: this is the whole point of this app! Uncensored definitions to the most obscure terms of pop culture and whether you like it or not, racism is part of every culture. Get. Over. It.

Translate slang words

I love the app, its really rewarding. but it would give both to provide a translation in French of slangs


This is a very useful app, and each meaning has an example


I like this dictionary because its made by native speakers.

Words real meaning

Great dictionary for slangs and meanings that isnt found on regular dictionaries.


Does it work offline too?

Its not working

It is a really good site but the app is not working on my phone.


Ad remove

Please give a in-app purchase to remove the annoying Ad.

Waited a long time..

..for such an app. W00t!


One of my most used apps!

Annoying ad, cant vote

No way of voting on entries, and the annoying ad is constantly in the way. Deleting.

I always have lots of fun using it!

Its quite reliable

Generally a good app, but...

-1 star for no option to disable adds. In-App purchase for this would be great. -1 star for no updates since iOS 6. Needs a refresh.

Some funny most wrong

This app has pretty much every slang you can imagine some in different languages but Most meanings of the words are just made up and wrong. They have their own opinions on most of the "translations" and arent neutral.

You should get this app!!!

I love this app its amazing!

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