Urban Dictionary App Reviews

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Does what youd think it does.

Its urban dictionary. Shouldve had a share feature.

iPod5 or wifi?

This app is really good.... When I get it to work most of the time it take forever to load then says something went wrong I check my wifi its fine I can go on any other app but this one could you please fix this problem!

Loved em before they had an app

Best dictionary ever!!!!

Doesnt work

App seems broken. I downloaded it twice and it stills doesnt work.

Its All Good

Love this dictionary and all the different contributions to it! Keep it up! By the way, anyone who finds fault in the language used in this dictionary, what did you think you were going to find? This is not Oxford or Merriam-Webster. It is an Urban Dictionary. Many of the words in here are nut meant for a post-grad thesis! Also, many of the words in here are not defined in many of the more mainstream dictionaries anyway.


Greatest app ever


So about winnipeg is really rude to people in winnipeg its like saying girls are the most ugliest people in usa (which they arent) like how do they feel they feel bad so make a good thing about it our just dont say anything about it and its coming from a lot of people in winnipeg

How do I enter a new word???

I would give you 4 stars but I cant enter new words!

Angry Asian woman

On a serious note, I was using this app to do my homework because my mom recommended it to me, but it is of no help to find real and serious definitions if thats what your looking for

Fun distraction

Lots of helpful and funny slang, but also lots of pointless junk - no editors like some wikis. Not suitable for children or wimps.

Its 2015, but this app looks 2013

I dont get how something as big as urban dictionary doesnt have an iOS 7/8 optimised app yet.


First of all its offensive disgusting and rude I looked up friends name and it called her a bunch of Names

Good but...... Not so good

When you go to type something well it always shows the ring thing like if you look it up in a normal dictionary it would not show the same thing but if you search a name than it will say something good

Needs work. Incl Navigation

While I like bare interfaces, this is a bit much. It has a search but not much else. However, on my iPad, it had more text off the bottom of the screen to which it would not let me scroll. Needs a few related or close suggestions like the web interface. I guess it looks up new terms, but could be a few notches better.

bug found

The app doesnt display results anymore. Upon opening the application, I am greeted with a message saying the following: "Something went wrong, tap to try again." Please fix this bug! (Tried restarting the app & phone multiple times)


This app has no chill but neither do I


Its a great dictionary but why it doesnt have voice for words?

I need to log in

It will be great if I can log in... Otherwise, I do my need to download this app since I could simply go to the web version

No personal account or favourite words

I expected that I can view my favourite words that Ive added on the website in this app, but theres nothing between two of them. I would rather use just the website version.

Great App!

Ive been waiting for this app for 3 years! I dont have to go to google to look up any words on Safari!

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