Urban Dictionary App Reviews

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Have no complains

No worries

Sik app

Everyone should hav this app. Helps u understand any type of slang word u may hav heard of.


Lol...pickle weasel...5 stars for that

Great App

Absolutely brilliant. All the things you ever need to know up to navigate todays world.


Can you WRITE definitions on the app like you can on the website? Because I cant figure out a way to. You should make an update where you can do that.

so funny!

This app is a must-have. It gives you hilarious definitions for words and names. So funny! Love it.

Inappropriate when it doesnt need 2 be!!!!!!

This app was inappropriate when it didnt even make sense to be inappropriate, lots of bad language and dirty stuff (btw I didnt even look up something dirty!) so if u have an inappropriate sense of humour youll like this, if not, then u shouldnt download this, I deleted it.


Its honestly so cool


I love this app! The best thing is that I dont need the website to look for fun stuff, just go directly to the app.


Whenever Im sad I just look at the definition of my name and i instantly feel better

Silky genos

The title says it all!!

I find everrything

Very Good


Did anybody have an issue with the page jumping around ? Is there a menu option ?

Love it!

I love this app but please update because you cant get definitions for one direction or an updated miley cyrus defintion☺️


This app is legit awesome. Everything they said about my name was true. Well most of it. Good if u need a definition of something(;


I love it , but it needs an ios 7 upgrade !! Still great though :p

Needs improvement

Back button needed and also the option to add a word.

Simply the best

Best thang evaaaa


Awesome app. It you need to fix the iOS 7 keyboard.

Joke app run by losers

They say "Urban Dictionary is written by you. Define your world" but your words have to be approved and can and will be denied. They think they are websters dictionary haha losers

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