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UD is the only Dictionary on needs

Best dictionary ever. The app is very reliable. The new look is awful. I hate it and find myself not using it as much since update.

Force Close

Instantly force closes when opened. Reinstall did not help.

Ne Gay Look

Urban Dictionary - now with gay colors

please fix

Why cant I copy wards from the app and why there isnt a history for the words that I searched for. please fix


I finally had to review this because the update is great. The hilarious and hardly subtle way of making fun of Instagram made my day.


Apps great but it looks cheap now. It was cool b4 now its really cheap looking. Change please. Im now hiding it on my home screen Bc I dont wanna look at it

Terrific app, better if keep a record of the recently searched words.

The app is totally amazing, I cant love it more. But please maintain a record of the searched slang terms, which matters a lot to the users and is absolutely gonna make this app more awesome as we believe it.

Much needed update

Glad to see this updated after many years!

Fun times, but crashing

After about 5-7 shuffles, the app crashes. Does so quite often, but a fun app nonetheless!


Search your name!

Good, but...

I would give this app five stars if it allowed one certain feature. The app should allow you to sign in, like the website. This would mean you can also post new words from the app as well. Just a suggestion...


This app is trill man! For real I aint playin around! If u want street knowledge since u didnt grow up in da hood like me then get this! If u wanna know any other Slang terms...then gets dis thing man! For real! #MajorKey

Kinda okay

I guess it was kinda ok but people put stuff on their that is really stupid and false but its good when you want to know whats hip and cool and all the new slang

An update!

You need to do a favorite list, or watch later etc.


I just wish you could buy mugs from the app like the website

Remove. The. Names.

For the love of ridiculous teenage girls, would you PLEASE disallow entries that are simply the name of some stupid child with their definitions describing little Ambers juvenile, idiotic, misplaced, temporary girl crush on the cute boy who sits across from her in math but like, totally doesnt know she exists and omg if hed just look up just once & gaze into her eyes beneath the angry adolescent scowl hed see that she is SO his everything & that Ambers parents just dont GET it??? Seriously. This one issue alone drags down the likability of the entire app. Id have said professionalism but errrr... likability seems a little more accurate here.

Finally came back

You aint got no idea how long Ive been waiting for this app to be updated. And yes its great app

BAD SITE, Urban Haters Stupidity

First,as a Caucasian male with an honorable discharge, Id like to apologize to the readers of the "white guy". He and his hateful comments NEED TO BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY! Seldom does one find this kind of degenerative verbosity flow from the wrong end. Diarrhea of the mouth is what grandpa called it. No way of contrasting their willful stupidity with anything approaching truth. Moreover, "voting" to sanction this hateful kind of vehemence, bigotry and oppression of other human beings is not clever or funny, only sad at its very best. There has to be a better site than this!

Its completely

Needs to delete definitions with majority down votes tho. Thanks Urban!

Left wing Marxist app

This app only features left wing definitions on the word of the day. Proving who is the actual biased one. Delete!!!

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