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App wont open

App will not connect to the Internet.

Cover sheet.

This needs a pin or at least a two stage cover sheet. It doesnt need to be pursued by anyone that picks up my phone. Kids, parents, girl/boy friends.

Great, but implement a way to submit a word!

I love this app but want to submit words, but I cant since it isnt in the app.


Innapropriate not for children

Really needs iOS10 Messages App

If there was any app that needs to support the new iOS10 Messages, its this one. Im always using some term my friends or family. dont know and want to link it to them without leaving the chat. I downloaded this just to leave the review, since using the website through spotlight search is just faster. Bye Felicia!

Always reliable

I just wish that it were easier to make new words. Everything else is spectacular.

Update needed

Fix the internet issue notice. I keep getting this annoying notification saying no internet connection. Every single time I have been connected to the internet. Fix this issue!!!

Pretty good, but...

Im giving this app 4 out of 5 simply because you cant browse for words based on hashtag. Everything else is simple and easy to use. Search functionality is built in, search suggestions, a random button. Its all here except hashtags. Please make this happen.

"Error: Internet Connection Problems"

"Error: Internet Connection Problems" pop-up keeps appearing & disrupting my browse of something when my internet connection is fine.

Just....In All My Days...

Can this app get anymore ridiculous? Professionalism people! My Churros, I searched "Implement" just to test it out, and what I see is certainly NOT the correct definition. (Some paraphernalia about weed) I am sorely disappointed and horrified that this is allowed to happen. Like, would if a five year old looked at this?! I can only imagine...


There should be a way to view posts that you liked in the past and if there is one, please tell me how

Whats going on!?

Have not been able to get into this app for over a week? STILL BIT ABLE TO GET INTO THE APP! Lets get this fixed

Almost too simple

A nice simple mirror of the full site but lack many important features including the ability to select a word to see multiple entries, a browse function and audio. A major update is needed ASAP!


Most days I look at the dictionary, and I see crap that has to be made up just for the time.

Enough of the political crap

Every one is sick and tired of the word of the day being "Trump-....". Give us something new!

Remove the names

Remove the names

Most basic app of the year

I got this app thinking I would be able to: -add words on the site -vote for words to be added -log into my account -shuffle through random words -access the store You cant do any of these. Most of the things you can do on the site, isnt available in the app (yet?). You can only scroll through about 5 words from the initial screen, and search them up; thats it. Dont know why this app has 4 Stars, kind of deceptive.

History button plz

It would be perfect if theres a button that I can review the words Ive interested in. Like history or notebooks. Devs plz update it and add the feature plz!!!!

Political correctness at its worst

This app is useful if you run out of ways to express your hatred of yourself, thinly disguised by making fun of President-elect Trump. If youre looking to entertain yourself, or learn what the current kidspeak is forget it. Used to be useful, someone please flush this!

Ruined by political beliefs

Used to check for "word of the day" every day for a good laugh. But now it just takes shots at trump EVERY time...way to ruin your product because of your political beliefs

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