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Not for me

This used to be a fun app. Not only was the format better, but the daily definitions that had more substance. It seems urban dictionary has taken on political bias for the word of the day, in the style of main stream media. Fantastic. Zero stars, but alas, I must include one to rate. Good luck in the future!


The only things you can do are look up words and see the word of the day. You cant make/ publish words, you cant search by a hashtag, and you cant even vote for whether or not submitted words should be allowed in the dictionary! You should be able to do all of those things, as well as saving your favorite words to a list under your profile. This app could really be great if you made it a more personal and social app, where accounts can actually do things, like Instagram or Twitter. This app has SO MUCH potential... I dont see why UD wont use it. (Also whats with all the anti-Trump propaganda?)


Had to delete. Obviously a snowflake sight. Quite possibly written by Hillary

Not what it used to be

Downloaded the app today after a couple years of not using it, and all I see are negatively based words related to Donald Trump. This app used to be funny; it now appears to be centered around self-righteous liberal cry-babies who look past the greater good of protecting our country.

Liberal as it gets

Most words are made up at an attempt to attack people with different views. It used to be actual definitions of actual terms. Now its just made up and will never be a "term" or "slang". Need better editing on what gets added to dictionary. Deleting app after having it for several years.

Tired of the trump slamming

Seems the word of the day since November is anti trump. Over it... deleting the app & not waiting my time

Useless drivel

Got this app to be able to look up the occasional pop culture reference that would come up on TV, online, or in conversation. Have discovered its nothing more than a rant channel for disaffected folks who seem to think theyre funny and clever, but who, in reality, are exactly the opposite. Dont bother with it...


Go use google, dont give them the dignity of having a successful app. All new words are about Trump and are just weak and desperate.

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