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im lovin it


Please add a favorite list!

Great app, but please add a favorite list!

Ben fatta

Utile complemento al sito

è utilissimo!


Perfetta!! Non fatevi ingannare dallapparenza.. Questa anche se viene dopo in ordine di rilevanza rispetto allaltra urban dictionary è 1000 volte meglio!!


finalmente lapp ufficiale senza IAPs del cavolo!


Pubblicità abbastanza invadente ed è più di un anno che non la aggiornate.



App comoda, utile e ben fatta!


È molto utile!

Buona ma...

È da due anni che non la aggiornate e non si possono salvare le definizioni preferite come sulla versione browser

Va aggiornata!

5 stelle se ogni tanto la aggiornate...

Finalmente aggiornato!

Dopo la bellezza di 3 anni


It would be better if you can add a pronunciation icon/menu

App is doodoo it bugs hella ima go to the browser version

Bottom text

Urban dictionary

The go to for all slang. Like Numnuts


Downloaded a virus to my phone. App called Expo Kit that can’t be uninstalled and crashes all my apps I downloaded the app because the site was causing pop-ups... deliberate move by Urban Dictionary

Blank Screen

I just updated and now I only see a blank screen.

keeps me hip

Learn something new eerday

It’s good

It’s good except for the ads, I don’t mind to pay a little bit for the remove ads, but you don't even offer this option, so I’d like to suggest you to add this to your app, that would gives us a choice to remove ads or not

Urban read this please

The comments or explanations of the words are very limited. If all readers were able to add their own comments that would be so cool!

Urban dictionary

I just got the app today I think it’s pretty cool and fun but as I read other reviews I’m starting to doubt the app but so far I’m doing well. I think this app helps you understand the word better because in normal dictionaries they give you long words you just don’t understand but thanks to the urban dictionary I can actually understand the actually teenage version of the word. The reason I’m giving this app a one star is because I just got the app today and I haven’t explored it much so I still don’t know if their are a few down sides to the app. But so far the app is really well and some definitions are really funny I really recommend it.❤️

👍🏼2 thumbs tf up👍🏼

It’s really accurate. Any word that u hear somebody say, and u have no clue wut it means, u can just type it and it’ll find the perfect meaning for it. It’s not like any dictionary app u find, because it not only defines large words, but it defines slang as well. I recommend it!🤞🏼🤞🏼❤️❤️

I Love My President...

If you love the USA and your President this app isn’t for you. Sadly It’s filled with hate against you, me, President Trump and our country.🇺🇸

Somewhat helpful, but crass

How refreshing it would be to find an application to understand contemporary slang terminology which was defined by someone intelligent, with OTHER THAN the mind of a teenaged boy. This is not that product.

color needs to change

great app use it a lot but the app color is so ugly

Was Great-But Now Crashes Often

I’ve had this for years now and have loved it! BUT-it now seems to be crashing quite often. (iPhone 7 Plus) Would love to give it 5 Stars until this problem started occurring. Hopefully, this problem will be addressed in the very near future. When it is I’ll either update this review, or write another and give this app 5 stars. Many thanks!!

Some Horribly Racist Sexist etc. content

They need a way to report unacceptable and offensive content !!

I love it

I love it it’s how I know stuff like pinball Thor’s hammer or Canadian goose

Like reading a public toilet wall

A great resource for talking to gangstas, drug addicts and sexual deviants. All this and the daily Trump joke. Oh my how urban!

Nice ad placement

Good job putting the ad at the bottom where iPhone X users can “accidentally” tap an ad. I don’t use apps with ads so rather than make that mistake it was a much better idea to delete the app. I feel better already!

Good job

How do is get it right everytime😂😂

Hello please read

I just got the app today and I love it. But can you add the ability to make your own definition for something? Without having to pay a fee or pay anything and having to make and account. It should work like this, you press a button and the button would say make a definition or def for short. Then you type in a box that says what it is. Then you write the definition here is an example: [name:Brody] [ definition: a great guy] then you would click send. So how would you guys benefit you may ask? Well after each time someone makes a definition they will have to watch an ad then when it’s over you wait for a little bit. So it’s a win win. The people who downloaded the app are happy and impressed. And you people put ads. I hope you read and respond to this and have a great day thank you so much I love your app!!!


So now the app has ads which is not shown in the screen shots. Also you can’t add to urban dictionary.



This amuses me

As an old man, I use this from time to time to decode what my college kids are saying. Highly offensive, but very funny if one has a sense of humor. They are just words, kiddies😄

F this app

This app used to be so much fun to browse through. Long story short I just skim through some words that have me curious to see what the app would say about it. This app is a complete embarrassment to me. I have never seen people use such ignorance toward racial slang and target groups of people about how they should not be offended by racial slangs used against them. If I am democrat then respect it. I have seen way to much about how trump is everything. Do not call people out or frown upon them for wanting to be equal. Don’t you dare look down on black people because they get offended when other races use the N word. I even saw where one definition got 6,000 likes because it says that black people make the biggest deal about something that happened to there ancestors. And then you have the audacity to say that it happened hundreds of years ago. What complete bs considering the fact that we have a racist and predigest president. I will not be using this app again and will make sure no one I know does not use it as well.


I used this app on my friend’s phone and looked up my name. Everything it said about me a accurate. AMAZINGLY accurate. REALLY AMAZINGLY accurate. I have the app, now.


Your app is really good but I think that you should add the pronunciation of the word so people who doesn’t know how to say it may hear it. Just saying

Too political

This app used to be a great resource, but it has become way too political. We have politics shoved down our throats by every other medium, it would be nice to have a break.

Force closing

App keeps force closing


You aren’t able to submit definitions or review others definitions

Why is it 17+?!?!

Why is this 17+ ?! There’s nothing bad about it

Best app ever

I go on here whenever im sad just to have a laugh

Uh, it’s the urban dictionary.

What more did you expect? It’s the urban dictionary in a mobile app. Not really much else to say.

Apple Watch

If y’all had an Apple Watch app I would give definitely give this app 5 stars.

Game should be matching

Why is it just “what do u think this is” that’s pointless. I suggest the game should have the word, with 4 definitions below (1 correct, 3 incorrect). The player gets points for selecting the correct definition, and the points are added to a gamecenter leaderboard. Another mode could even be added allowing players to compete against each other in a 10-word showdown.


It's sooo good!! Whenever I'm on tinder and a fine female requests a certain type of man - I can always count on Urban Dictionary to help me know exactly how much I can't satisfy her request (frat daddy). ❤️😍 But I just keep on reading and realize I don't need a girlfriend when I've got you Urban Dictionary / Aaron Peckham. Also it's made with Expo so that's pretty dope 🔥

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is a cool reference application that allows users to look up slang and non slang terms they are unfamiliar with and serve as a guide for those curious about the meanings of urban terminology. The app does a good job in providing full on definitions instead of just incomplete interpretations. Along with the definition is an example or two of how it is used in a sentence. The app is easy to use with a search field up top of the menu where one can enter words they want the definition for. Users have the option to share terms and their definitions with others. Users can also vote for words they like.

DNC rigged for hilary. She let men die in Benghazi

A lot of cancerous trump definitions put out put all the liberal reddit idiots and than downvoted by the intelligent mass but also upvoted by the major majority of reddit idiots who use this app. So in conclusion if you are looking for 1 single break from politics and a laugh you will not get it here without your mood being ruined by some dotard definition.


I can’t run it on iphone 5s ios 11.0.3 ...


I like it because if I don’t know any new slang, I can look it up here, and if you feel something is wrong, you can write your own definition

Version 3.0 Broken on SE

Hangs after launch with a purple background and the text “Waiting for Figwheel to load files”.

Nice but.....

I really like the app the thanks to the last update when you type in a search the suggestions list doesn’t drop down anymore can you please fix this


Sup with the no landscape view brah?

Love that app

Finds definitions for stuff you could find absolutely nowhere else. Thanks to that app I get every slang out there..

No landscape view!

With the new update for iOS 11, the option for portrait view or landscape has been removed. Now it’s their way or the highway, in other words portrait view only and no landscape!


Good app it helps me and I learn many vocabularies

Good for learning new words

It's a good app for learning new words when you don't know what anything means specially in the world of slang

All these reviews are stupid

Its user generated first of all, and secondly, they are not going to change it to your liking. Get over yourselves. That being said please let us write definitions with the app


Yo wassup

Good app

The reviews here are blaming the app for user submitted definitions 🙄 the app works perfectly, the content is irrelevant

bad so bad

dissing political stuff? religion jokes? who thought of putting this? you know... get your act together will you.

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